Our Goals

Demand and Growth, the two strongest reasons for the work of the RGVMB. The RGVMB's target market is the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas (RGV). The RGV is one of the poorest and fastest growing regions in the United States. The RGVMB's target population is the growing, low-to-moderate income Latino population.


The RGVMB believes that every hard working family trying to make an honest living in our area should be given the opportunity to prosper, build assets, and become financially secure. We help families reach these goals by providing financial products and services that address their needs for homeownership, safe and secure rental properties, and lower-cost personal loans through employers. 

RGVMB will not be able to touch the lives of everyone in the Valley, but we will have a meaningful impact on those lives that we do touch.

RGVMB has intentionally positioned itself as an "alternative" source of capital and is specifically targeted to provide maximum product or service delivery to the low income residents of the Rio Grande Valley investment area, while at the same time using its investment to secure additional financing credit through traditional lending sources enhanced by Federal granting sources, as well as guarantee, enhancement, and other loan pools. It is not only developing the monetary, but the political capital that is necessary to make large impact improvements in the housing and consumer lending arenas happen.

RGVMB stockholder institutions represent the largest financial service providers in the Rio Grande Valley area, and are among some of the most visible and pro-active community leaders. High level leadership in RGVMB from each of the stockholding institutions has allowed RGVMB's board to focus on envisioning a future for the region, and has enabled bringing to the table various political, community, business, and corporate leaders for discussions on how projects involving community and economic development might be developed and imparted.

RGVMB's project investment approach in the area of affordable housing seeks to maximize the use and effectiveness of Federal, State, and other "flexible" financing to enhance tailored consumer financial and mortgage products offered by local financial institutions or by the RGVMB. 

Overall, RGVMB's unique partnership with area non-profit housing organizations, developed by confidence gained by the stockholder institutions earlier partnerships prompted the stockholder institutions to seek a more flexible, alternative pool of capital for additional affordable housing development, and to assist consumer financing. 

Strategic Goals for 2018-2020

1. Increase Total Loan Originations from $23 million in 2010 -2017 to $42.6 million.

2. Increase Balance Sheet Capital to $19 million by 2020.

3. Increase the RGVMB’s impact on the communities we serve.

4. Grow and strengthen the RGVMB in order to carry out this plan.